DELTA in Xanthi

DELTA contributes to relieving water scarcity emergencies in the prefecture of Xanthi

Under the framework of its Corporate Responsibility strategies and actions, DELTA provides active support to local communities, offering real and consistent aid aiming to take care of their essential needs. This summer, DELTA immediately responded to a request by the Municipality of Myki in the Prefecture of Xanthi and dispatched a water truck in order to transport drinkable water to various towns around the municipality. The area struck by water scarcity is mountainous and faces severe structural deficiencies, the most important of which is water scarcity, especially during the summer period.

Our co-workers from the Milk Collection Centre of Sydini and the Logistics Department worked effectively together in order to immediately relieve all water scarcity emergencies in the prefecture, providing aid to residents and farmers who live in this mountainous and hard to reach area.

The Municipality of Myki issued a statement thanking DELTA, its management and the company’s employees, stating, inter alia, that: “With this move, the milk industry of DELTA FOODS S.A. once again proved its awareness and social sensitivity in its effort to resolve major local government issues for the Municipality of Myki and its residents”.


About Delta:

DELTA was established in 1952 and today holds a leading position in the dairy industry, as well as in all the categories in which it operates. Among the products produced by the company are milk, yogurt, cheese products, juices and iced tea. DELTA is a subsidiary of Vivartia, a member of the Marfin Investment Group (MIG).