DELTA and World Milk Day

DELTA celebrates World Milk Day!

On the occasion of World Milk Day, on 1st June, DELTA celebrates and reminds us of milk’s unique nutritional benefits, launching a campaign to inform the public about the benefits of this valuable food.

Within the #lovemilk campaign, DELTA “uploads” the microsite, in which the user can be informed about the nutritional richness of milk in an interactive way. Additionally, through the “You Drink Milk, You Give Love” application that is hosted in the microsite, users can be informed about milk’s benefits.

At the same time, through a specially designed mechanism, DELTA, for every user’s participation, will offer a glass of milk to the non-profit organisation “Together for the Child”, an alliance of public welfare associations that supports actions and initiatives for children in need. They offer coordinated services to more than 30,000 children per year, 10,000 on a systematic basis.

The informative campaign also includes fresh DELTA milk and information brochure distribution in central locations in Athens and Thessaloniki, at schools and businesses. There, people from DELTA will invite the world to participate in the game. Of course the key content will be the benefits of milk, and they will have to share photos on social media with #lovemilk, while at the same time they will be able to take part in a contest, with delightful and nutritious DELTA dairy products as prizes.

And there’s more! This year DELTA celebrates 30 years of fresh milk with a unique FreshPack® carton. It’s the package that DELTA first released in the Greek market. It was really loved and still remains the No.1 consumer choice.

Every glass of DELTA fresh milk contains all the effort of Greek producers and DELTA’s people, who travel devotedly from one end of Greece to the other, in order for us to enjoy its quality, fresh.

#lovemilk. Love for Milk.


About Delta:

DELTA was established in 1952 and today holds a leading position in the dairy industry, as well as in all the categories in which it operates. Among the products produced by the company are milk, yogurt, cheese products, juices and iced tea. DELTA is a subsidiary of Vivartia, a member of the Marfin Investment Group (MIG).