DELTA for “Oloi mazi mporoume”

DELTA actively supports our fellow citizens

DELTA, in the context of always supporting and meeting the nutritional needs of society, was present at the call of “HANTH” and “Oloi Mazi Boroume” in Thessaloniki. The aim was to collect food as Easter approaches. DELTA and all its employees actively and consistently support our fellow citizens, this time in the region of Northern Greece. In the action that took place on Saturday, 8th April, in the centre of Thessaloniki, DELTA donated more than 35,000 portions of its products, which were delivered to social structures in the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

In addition to that, the company offered 36 boxes of concentrated Vlachas Milk to municipalities and social structures in Northern Greece, where the company’s facilities operate, and particularly in municipalities of Delta, Alexandria and Thessaloniki.

In the wider context of community support activities comes the Easter Action of the company’s employees, which took place for another year. 185 packs of extended shelf-life products and household goods were gathered for the families supported by municipal grocery stores.

DELTA and its employees have been supporting our fellow citizens for many years now, with actions and social sensitivity, participating in covering the basic nutritional needs of society.



About Delta:

DELTA was established in 1952 and today holds a leading position in the dairy industry, as well as in all the categories in which it operates. Among the products produced by the company are milk, yoghurt, cheese products, juices, and iced tea. DELTA is a subsidiary of Vivartia, a member of the Marfin Investment Group (MIG).