We protect
the environment

When it comes to protecting the environment, our main priority is to continuously reduce the environmental impact of our products, as well as by adopting an Environmental Policy.

For us at DELTA, environmental protection is implemented through comprehensive management systems, with the participation of our entire workforce. Our Environmental Policy applies to all our operations and we adhere to the strictest rules and specifications that pertain to the protection of the environment and the reduction of our environmental footprint.

We implement initiatives that reduce electric energy consumption, water and plastic use, and improve sewage treatment. By using telematic systems, we can also monitor the gas emissions of our trucks and help to reduce them.

Additionally, we use as few packaging materials as possible–plastic in particular–while still maintaining product quality and safety. We increase the percentage of recyclable materials used in our packaging (recyclable paper and recyclable plastic rPet) and give priority to paper packaging from FSC-certified suppliers.