DELTA, for one more time, is next to children!

DELTA continuously and consistently supports our fellow human beings and contributes to meet basic nutritional needs, giving priority to children and families, offering free products and implementing a variety of actions in collaboration with reputable bodies and institutions.

This Christmas, DELTA was next to the children of the Ark of the World. More than 100 children, aged 3 to 15, attended the special educational and entertainment program “Journey to the Proinochora (Morning Land)” and the specially designed “Snake game”, created by the company. Through these two educational actions, children learn about balanced and healthy eating, the value of breakfast and more general nutritional value issues. At the same time, they were given the opportunity to play, paint and create their own constructions, while a group of volunteers offered gifts and products to children.

In addition, on the occasion of World Children’s Day, celebrated every year on December 11th, and through DELTA’s Facebook page, Delta asked people to write their wish for the New Year. For every wish recorded the company offered a glass of milk to the children of the World Ark.

Delta, demonstrating its social sensitivity through actions, has offered more than 2,000,000 products to children and families across Greece, in the past two years. Indicatively, the company has offered its products through initiatives and institutions such as the initiative Breakfast at School, Together for the Children, SOS Children’s Villages, Children’s Smile, Food Bank, and Social Structures of Municipalities all over Greece.