New DELTA cheeses with new communication!

 Delta, with passion and dedication, created and presents the new series of DELTA traditional Greek cheeses produced in its own dairy farm in Elassona, Thessaly. The new cheeses, produced from 100% fresh Greek milk, with the knowledge, experience and taste of DELTA’s local cheese makers in Elassona, are here to win the consumers over.

DELTA, with its new series of cheeses, addresses to all Greeks through the joy of feast and welcomes the new cheeses with a communication that exudes Greek tradition and a folk festival atmosphere. In the same direction, the new series of cheeses comes with a unique figurative artwork, which stands out at the point of sale, inspired by our folk traditions, highlighting the authenticity and traditional flavor of DELTA cheeses.

Find the new range of cheeses at the cheese counters of the supermarkets and in the packaged cheeses refrigerators: Traditional and award-winning Feta cheese, rich Kasseri cheese, light and delicious Anthotyros cheese, spicy Graviera and Kefalograviera cheeses, as well as traditional Kefalotyri cheese! From our dairy to your table, traditional taste with DELTA’s quality and safety.

New DELTA cheeses.  With honor and pride we present them to you!