DELTA participates in the 34th ATHENS MARATHON and offers milk to children!

DELTA is present at the 34th Authentic Marathon of Athens, as the official supporter of SEGAS. Promoting the values of proper nutrition and sports, DELTA’s employees’ athletic team will participate this year in both the 10km and 5km runs.

DELTA, Vivartia’s subsidiary and a member of the MIG group, participates this year at this great sporting event and “runs” for a good cause.  For every kilometre that the company’s employees run, DELTA will offer 1 litre of fresh milk to children supported by “Together for the Child”.

Moreover, children supported by “Together for the Child” will run alongside the company’s sports team, experiencing both the joy of an international sporting event and the values it stands for.

DELTA will provide the runners with Vitaline cereal bars, enhancing their stamina and helping them maintain their energy in a healthy and enjoyable way, all the way to the finish line.

 A few words about “Together for the Child”:

“Together for the Child” is an association of non-profit unions and foundations, working since 1996 for the well-being of more than 30,000 children annually, 10,000 of them on a systematic basis. The main objective of the Alliance and its member associations is to offer a wide range of services and programmes for children and families facing poverty, disability, abuse and illness.


About Delta:

DELTA was established in 1952 and today holds a leading position in the dairy industry, as well as in all the categories in which it operates. Among the products produced by the company are milk, yogurt, cheese products, juices and iced tea. DELTA is a subsidiary of Vivartia, a member of the Marfin Investment Group (MIG).