The first complete range of enriched dairy products which covers the specialized nutritional needs of adults.
DELTA Daily range works as an ally for a better functioning of the human body, while giving the chance to all of us to enjoy 100% Greek milk with all its essential nutritional elements. DELTA Daily! Enjoying the benefits of milk, while looking after our body!
DELTA Daily Lactose Free
Product details
DELTA Daily 0% Fat + Vitamins A, D, E
Product details
DELTA Daily +40% Calcium
+ Vitamin D3, 1lt
Product details
  • 100% Greek milk
  • For those who suffer from lactose intolerance or other unpleasant irritations
  • Contains all the valuable nutritional elements of milk
  • Produced with the experience, know-how and care of DELTA
  • Certified by the SGS international body for non- genetically modified feed
  • Low fat 1.5%

Semi-skimmed milk, lactase

Nutritional Declaration Per 100ml Per portion 250ml (1 glass)
Energy 192kJ/46kcal 480kJ/115kcal
Fat 1,5g 3,8g
 of which
0,9g 2,3g
Carbohydrates 4,7g 11,8g
 of which
4,7g 11,8g
Lactose <0,1g <0,2g
Proteins 3,3g 8,3g
Salt 0,12g 0,30g
Minerals & Vitamins
% NRV's**
Calcium 122 mg 15% 38%
Phosphorus 97mg 14% 35%
Vitamin Β2 0,14mg 10% 25%
** Nutrient Reference Values
A portion of milk corresponds to 250ml