DELTA Fresh Milk
DELTA Fresh Milk is 100% Greek milk collected every day from selected producers throughout Greece. It is produced from cows that are fed with plant feeds.
DELTA fresh milk is collected every day with the care of 700 selected producers from all over Greece and each drop of it contains the unique wealth and the hard work of all the people of DELTA. With knowledge and experience of over 65 years and above all with the care of all the people of DELTA, it reaches every corner of this place, pure and full of life. In this way our care becomes your own care for the people you love. Fresh milk DELTA, a glass full of love!
DELTA Fresh Milk Full 1 lt
DELTA Fresh Milk Full 1lt
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DELTA Fresh Milk Light 1lt
DELTA Fresh Milk Light 1lt
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Φρέσκο Γάλα ΔΕΛΤΑ Πλήρες 500ml
DELTA Fresh Milk Full 500ml
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Φρέσκο Γάλα ΔΕΛΤΑ Ελαφρύ 500ml
DELTA Fresh Milk Light 500ml
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DELTA Fresh Milk Full 2lt
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DELTA Fresh Milk Light 2lt
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  • Produced with care from our 700 producers throughout Greece
  • From cows fed cows fed on clover, corn, barley and other plant feeds
  • Certified by the SGS international body for non- genetically modified feed
  • With at least 2,000 quality controls on a daily basis
  • In new DELTA ECO-Fresh Pack® packaging that is environment-friendly, more practical and protects the DELTA fresh milk
  • With interactive packaging through Shazam and Augmented Reality
  • 7-day shelf life

Nutritional Declaration Per 100ml Per portion 250ml
Energy 262kJ/63kcal 655kJ/158kcal
Fat 3,5g 8,8g
 of which
2,3g 5,8g
Carbohydrates 4,6g 11,5g
 of which
4,6g 11,5g
Proteins 3,2g 8,0g
Salt 0,11g 0,28g
% NRV's*
Calcium 120mg 15% 37%
Phosphorus 95mg 13,5% 34%
Vitamin Β2 0,14mg 10% 25%
*Nutrient Reference Values
A portion of milk corresponds to 250ml