Small Family Farms
Small Family Farms Milk
Fresh milk from small Greek family farms, with rich traditional taste.
Collected daily from small family farms in Greece, producing milk with love, particular care and knowledge. Small Family Farms fresh milk by DELTA with rich traditional taste, as of old times!
Small Family Farms Milk Full 1lt
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Small Family Farms Milk Light 1lt
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Small Family Farms Milk Full 2lt
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Small Family Farms Milk Light 2lt
Product details
  • From Greek, small, family farms
  • With full traditional taste
  • In a unique transparent bottle, with a UV barrier that protects milk from light
  • With unique numbering per production day
  • Certified by the SGS international body for non- genetically modified feed
  • With adhesive safety label
  • 7-day shelf life

Nutritional Declaration Per 100ml Per portion 250ml
Energy 273KJ/65Kcal 683KJ/163kcal
Fat 3,7g 9,3g
 of which
2,2g 5,5g
Carbohydrates 4,7g 11,8g
 of which
4,7g 11,8g
Proteins 3,3g 8,3g
Salt 0,11g 0,28g
% NRV's**
Calcium 120mg 15% 37%
Phosphorus 95mg 13,6% 34%
Vitamin Β2 150μg 10,7% 27%
Vitamin Β12 0,4μg 16% 40%
** Nutrient Reference Values
A portion of milk corresponds to 250ml