New LIFE Smoothies, 100% real, healthy and flavorful

It’s going to be a cool summer, with DELTA’s innovative range of four super-tasty, healthy smoothies.

LIFE Smoothie Green Power combines, vitamins, iron and antioxidant properties, with spinach and cucumber. It’s your everyday “green” ally, especially when enough fruits and vegetables don’t find their way into your diet.

LIFE Smoothie Berry Boost combines blueberries, which are rich in polyphenols and Vitamin C, with the multi-vitamin composition of Aronia. It’s your everyday, super-tasty reboot.

LIFE Smoothie Energy Shot combines turmeric, passion fruit, mango and guarana. It’s full of healthy nutrients, vitamins and energy–all in a beverage featuring the golden hue of the sun.

LIFE Smoothie Fiber & GO combines pink grapefruit and peaches into a ultra-rich and flavourful smoothie.  It’s a great source of fiber, nutrients and vitamins, and will definitely become your magic trick for a healthy start of your day.

Made only with 100% real fruits and vegetables, these explosive combinations are not just about great flavour but also high nutritional value. Considering the complexities and demands of modern life, these new LIFE smoothies help to reinforce our immune system with much-needed vitamins and nutrients, all in four unique, flavours.

LIFE. Nature in your glass!