Latest renewed interactive packaging for DELTA fresh Milk!

Latest renewed interactive packaging for DELTA fresh Milk and new communication campaign “a glass full of love”

The packaging of DELTA fresh milk is renewed, with a heart being its predominant decorative feature! The new decorative context composes, in a creative way, the world of DELTA fresh milk from the Greek nature, from the 700 selected producers, with their care and attention, as well as the daily checks of the exceptional quality control of DELTA before this milk gets anywhere in this country, pure and full of life.

The new communication campaign, having as a basic message “a glass full of love”, highlights the hidden protagonist of children’s everyday effort, their mother. This truth is communicated in a touching way through two real stories, with protagonists Sofia Petrounias, the mother of our gold medalist Lefteris Petrounias, and Maria Karianou, the mother of quadruplets baby girls who were simultaneously admitted to university schools of Athens.

The new appearance of DELTA fresh milk is combined with the use of the new packaging DELTA Eco-Fresh Pack®, with a renewed shape and a whiter appearance. The new packaging is made of paper certified according to the FSC, which derives from trees grown for this purpose, and can be entirely folded down, thereby reducing the volume of waste. Finally, there is a surprise with regard to the new packaging, a new way of interaction of the product with the consumer: through the Shazam application, using the technology of Augmented Reality, the heart of Delta Fresh milk comes alive in front of them, something innovative for the Greek market.

ΔΕΛΤΑ Καθημερινά Φρέσκο Γάλα

DELTA S.A., in the context of this new communication platform begins a substantial cooperation and an active support to the “SOS Children’s Village”, supporting – in this way- the efforts of volunteer mothers and covering their needs for dairy products.

DELTA Fresh Milk. A glass full of love!

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