DELTA brings to every family milk from small, selected producers, now in a new packaging that’s more environment-friendly.

New, fresh Organic Milk and fresh Goat’s Milk

DELTA’s “Small Family Farms” milk is collected daily from small Greek producers, so that every family can enjoy rich, higher-quality fresh milk with every glass. It’s the taste of milk like it used to be.

DELTA has always supported and promoted the efforts of small Greek producers, and continues to do so with two new tasty offerings. DELTA’s Small Family Farms have some great news: new, fresh Organic Milk, from certified organic farms, and new Goat’s Milk, with rich, traditional flavour.

Adhering to its commitment to ensuring a sustainable future for all, DELTA brings yet another innovation to the family table: fresh milk in a package that’s made of up to 35% rPet recycled plastic. It’s one more way to show our respect for the environment and the planet, and keep our promise to protect “everything that matters”.

Another innovation on the new packaging is the metal cap–a first in the milk category.

DELTA’s Small Family Farms series of products include authentic yoghurt­, both from cow milk and strained, with rich, traditional flavour.

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