New Strained yoghurt from DELTA. It’s yoghurt with substance

New Strained yogurt from Delta, made with essence…

Made with DELTA milk, the milk we grew up with!

DELTA celebrates its 70-year-long presence in the Greek market by launching a new Strained yoghurt, with rich texture and full of flavour. There’re many theories in making good yoghurt—the theory of tradition, the theory of technique and, of course, the theory of the secret recipe. Yet above all, good yoghurt is made with good milk.

DELTA’s entire knowledge and experience is reflected in its unique Strained yoghurt, which is lovingly made with fresh milk collected daily from farms all over Greece. This is what bestows it with a rich, full flavor. It’s available in 200g multipacks and in 1kg family-size packaging.

DELTA’s Strained yoghurt is about both tradition and modernity; it combines natural flavour, rich texture, and is high in protein—all of which address current consumer needs. This yoghurt is nutritionally rich in many ways: it’s full of milk proteins of high biological value, calcium, and beneficial microorganisms. It’s a proper, savoury meal without excess calories.

It can be enjoyed as is, or with honey, cereals, and nuts. It can also be used in gastronomy, in both simple and not-so-simple recipes. Treated as a source of inspiration, it’s perfect for savoury experimentations.

Adhering to its 70-year tradition, DELTA has been offering innovative products of the highest quality and nutritional value, throughout the country. The company follows the latest nutrition trends and creates new products, full of u, that cover modern consumer needs.  All this, in a responsible manner towards our fellow citizens, our society and the environment.

DELTA’s new strained yoghurt is available throughout the country and will be communicated through a clever ad campaign titled “Theories”. The campaign’s main idea is that even though there’re many theories surrounding the makings of yoghurt, invariably the origin of good yoghurt will always be good milk.

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