Innovative environmental project aiming to drastically reduce the company’s transportation carbon footprint

Reduction by 90% of suspended air particles and 60% of CO and HC emissions.

DELTA is implementing a very important environmental project, whose goal is to drastically reduce the company’s transportation carbon footprint, both for the distribution of products to sales points around the country, as well as other transportation needs.

In 2021, DELTA implemented a pilot program that makes use of a fuel additive in selected trucks. This programme was successful in greatly reducing suspended particle emissions–elements containing black carbon. Although invisible to the naked eye, black carbon is responsible for 2/3 of the climate effects of CO2. The direct effects include the absorption of solar radiation and its transformation into thermal energy, while the indirect effects include the reduction of ice and snow reflection.

By using Blue Marble–an environmental fuel additive–DELTA plans to reduce suspended particle emissions by 90% and Co and HC emissions by over 60%. Through this project, which is being implemented in cooperation with PRC-The Management House and the supplier Blue Marble Technologies, DELTA innovates once again and takes the initiative to reduce its carbon footprint, contributing to the goals set by the United Nations for reducing climate change according to ESG criteria. With this new environmental project, DELTA products reach consumers just as quickly and safely as before, but in a much greener manner.

For DELTA, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development have been strategic choices since day one. In addition to the reduction of the company’s environmental footprint and the continuous improvement of their product packaging, DELTA also implements actions that are part of the GAIA Action Plan. These include improving the sustainability of cattle-feeding units by cultivating protein-rich, soya and fodder legume animal feed. The company also supports society as a whole; in 2021 alone, it offered to people in need 2 million servings of their products, through their CARE & SMILES program.

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