MILKO makes it real, even on TIK TOK!

The favorite brand of teenagers won two gold awards for the MILKO HOODMAKEOVER campaign on Tik Tok!

DELTA’s MILKO shows that it’s fluent in teenspeak and there’s no better proof than the two gold awards the company garnered at the Social Media Awards 2021, for their MILKO HOODMAKEOVER campaign on Tik Tok! The awards pertained to social media strategy on Tik Tok, as well as the channel’s optimal use for a CSR campaign.

In 2020, MILKO–in cooperation with Mediatech and The Newtons Laboratory ad agency –created the first branded campaign on Tik Tok in Greece, in order to increase awareness for the MILKO HOODMAKEOVER. Through this action, the public could vote for the area where an existing basketball court would receive a thorough renovation. In cooperation with famous choreographer Tasos Xiarchos, as well as two influencers and 14 Heavy Users, they communicated this action by airing an equal number of user-generated videos featuring original choreography. The campaign enjoyed large participation and the results were truly impressive: the area of Zografou became the proud owner of a completely renovated basketball.

The MILKO team is in constant search of new touchpoints in order to communicate and connect with consumers. With original actions, fresh ideas and the use of social media, the MILKO team has transformed this beloved brand into a way of life.