VIVARTIA announces the acquisition of a 70% stake in KOURELLAS S.A. by DELTA.

DELTA reinforce their footprint in the segment of good nutrition by offering consumers an ever-greater variety of high-quality, high-nutritional-value products.

May 15, 2023: The DELTA family expands, following the acquisition of KOURELLAS S.A., a pioneer in the category of organic and plant-based products. KOURELLAS S.A. is the first producer of organic dairy products in Greece, with over 60 years of experience in the application of innovative and sustainable practices in animal farming and the production of foods with high nutritional value. The company is a significant exporter, with 90% of its revenue originating from sales to countries in Europe, the Arab Peninsula, and the United States.

By integrating the products, technical know-how, workforce, network and vision of KOURELLAS S.A., DELTA highlight their strategic goal of offering an ever-greater choice of products of high nutritional value, which help to improve consumer health and well-being, while adhering to the company’s commitment to sustainable development.

“It is with great pleasure that we welcome KOURELLAS S.A. to the DELTA family. This deal highlights the values and philosophy we share with KOURELLAS S.A., such as innovation, cooperation, openness, sustainability, as well as our respect for people and the environment. Together, we will continue to offer products of high nutritional value that reflect our customers’ modern lifestyle and address their specialized needs”, said Christos Tsolkas, DELTA’s Managing Director, following the conclusion of the acquisition.

Theodoros Kourellas, KOURELLAS S.A.’s General Manager noted: “This deal signifies a new era for our company—a fact that makes us particularly happy. DELTA’s commanding position in the segment of good nutrition and their long-term presence all over Greece reinforces our company’s dynamic and underlines our commitment to offering products characterized by high quality and nutritional value.”

It should be noted that the production facility of KOURELLAS S.A. is in Grevena, while the company also operates one the most modern production facilities of animal feed in Greece.

The company’s 2022 revenue is 13 million euros and employs 52 people.