DELTA Goat's Milk
DELTA Goat's Milk
Collected with exceptional care from selected flocks of goats of the Greek countryside; rich in nutritional elements.
The main criteria for the collection of DELTA Goat's Milk are the high quality standards and the smooth rich taste, ideal for children and adults.
DELTA Goat Milk
3,5% Fat 1lt
Product details
  • 100% goat milk from the Greek countryside
  • Smooth taste which pleases both children and adults
  • Excellent source of proteins, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins

Nutritional Declaration Per 100ml Per portion 250ml
Energy 266kJ/64kcal 664kJ/159kcal
Fat 3,5g 8,8g
 of which
2,15g 5,4g
Carbohydrates 4,4g 11,0g
 of which
4,4g 11,0g
Proteins 3,6g 9,0g
Salt 0,08g 0,20g
% NRV's**
Calcium 134mg 16,8% 41,9%
Phosphorus 115mg 16,4% 41,1%
Vitamin Α 68µg 8,5% 21,3%
Vitamin Β2 0,15mg 10,7% 26,8%
A portion of milk corresponds to 250ml
**Nutrient Reference Values