High quality Extended Shelf life milk that is rich in nutritional elements and with a unique taste, offered in a special design bottle that stands out.
Available in a new bottle produced with the use of 20% less plastic, equiped with a special UV barrier hat protects milk against light. My μμμmilk by DELTA. Enjoy the positive side of milk!
Delta My μμμmilk Full 1lt
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DELTA My μμμmilk Light 1lt
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DELTA My μμμmilk Full 1,5lt
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DELTA My μμμmilk Light 1,5lt
Product details
  • User-friendly
  • With exteded shelf life
  • In a modern bottle
  • Quality and safety guaranteed by DELTA

Nutritional Declaration Per 100ml Per portion 250ml
Energy 262kJ/63kcal 655kJ/158kcal
Fat 3,5g 8,8g
 of which
2,3g 5,8g
Carbohydrates 4,6g 11,5g
 of which
4,6g 11,5g
Proteins 3,2g 8,0g
Salt 0,11g 0,28g
% NRV's**
Calcium 120mg 15% 38%
Phosphorus 95mg 13,5% 34%
Vitamin Β2 0,13mg 9% 23%
A portion of milk corresponds to 250ml
**Nutrient Reference Values