Delta Small Family Farms' Cow’s Milk Yoghurts
Pure cow’s milk yoghurt in a transparent cup. With fresh milk collected daily from Greek small family farms. Ideal for a healthy, light and fresh snack at any moment of the day.
Yoghurt from the milk of small family farms, with delicious taste and unique texture that will become the new favourite cow’s milk yoghurt for the whole family!
 DELTA Small Family Farms Cow’s Milk Yoghurts 2% fat
Cow’s Milk Yoghurt 3x200g
Product details
 DELTA Small Family Farms Cow’s Milk Yoghurts 4% fat
Cow’s milk yoghurt 3x200g
Product details
  • 100% Greek milk from small family farms
  • Traditional taste
  • Light structure
  • Rich in protein

Small Family Farms Cow’s Milk 2% fat.

The light cow’s milk yoghurt with only 2% fat, with fresh traditional taste and light structure.

Energy 230kJ/55kcal
 Fat 2,0g
Saturated fatty acids 1,3g
 Carbohydrates 4,0g
 Sugars 4,0g
 Proteins 4,5g
 Salt 0,11g