Small Family Farms Strained Yoghurts
The Strained yoghurt of SMALL FAMILY FARMS is made of fresh milk collected daily by Greece’s family farms. It is produced with special care and love, which is why it has this rich, traditional taste that reminds of something from the past!
The only yoghurt with the authentic full taste and rich texture produced with a traditional technique and offering a product unique in taste and quality. Limited production strained yoghurt from 100% Greek fresh milk.
Small Family Farms  DELTA Strained Yoghurts 10% fat
Product details
 Small Family Farms Delta Strained Yoghurt 2% fat
Product details
  • 100% Greek milk from small family farms
  • Rich in protein
  • 3 times its weight in milk

Strained yoghurt, 10% fat from fresh cow’s milk

In the same product line: Small Family Farms Milk

Energy 557KJ/134Kcal
Fat 10,0g
Saturated 6,5g
Carbohydrates 3,4g
Sugars 3,4g
Proteins 6,5g
Salt 0,13g

Multipacks: 3pcs x 200g