DELTA wins the Brand of the Year award at the Packaging Awards 2021

DELTA’s product packaging garners five prizes.

For DELTA, product packaging expresses the company’s values, uncompromising quality, and innovation. As such, it was a great honour to receive multiple awards at this year’s Packaging Awards, and especially to be named Brand of the Year.

DELTA received two Gold awards in the “Labelling Innovation” and “Marketing in the Greek Market” categories, for their successful relaunch of LIFE Tsai–an already successful player in the ice tea segment. During the summer of 2020, LIFE Tsai was reintroduced to consumers in a new bottle which accentuates the brand’s uniqueness, along with three new flavours “World Recipes”, “Super Herbal” and “Ηalf & half”. The new packaging was created by K2 Design.

DELTA’s “Small Family Farms” range won a Silver award in the “Marketing in the Greek Market” category for its early-2021 relaunch. Adhering to its commitment to a sustainable future for all, DELTA was the first to introduce fresh milk in packaging that’s made of up to 35% rPet recycled plastic. It’s one more way to show our respect for the environment and the planet and keep our promise to protect “everything that matters”. Another innovation on the new packaging is the metal cap–a first in the milk category. The packaging was created by Garamond Design and Vangellis Pispas.

Furthermore, the new milk range “From our Land” won a Bronze award in the “Labelling Innovation” category for its packaging. This range was initially introduced in 2020 and quickly increased its market share. Made from 100% Greek milk, it’s available in a new, transparent bottle, and has a 20-day shelf life. The new packaging was also created by K2 Design.

DELTA products go through constant evolution, in an effort to address ever-greater customer demands, making sure that consumers enjoy “everything that matters”.