DELTA showcase the benefits of good nutrition for consumers, society, and the environment.


April 5, 2023:

While continuing to build upon their rock-solid foundation of providing products of high nutritional value that contribute to a better, more sustainable future, DELTA introduces a new corporate image-and usher in a new era.

The company’s main goal during this new era is to showcase the power of good nutrition in promoting health and well-being, as well as protecting the environment.

As Christos Tsolkas, DELTA’s Managing Director, noted: “In this new era, DELTA’s main vehicle will be an ambitious strategy on sustainable development, characterized by the kind of responsible innovation which encompasses all our business activities. Using our dairy products as a solid foundation, we’re expanding our product portfolio in many categories. Our ultimate goal is to become a reference point for good nutrition.”

DELTA is also implementing an innovative project which tracks the company’s ESG performance and products on a supply-chain level, according to the UN’s Sustainable Development goals.

Regarding DELTA:

DELTA is an integrated food company, which has been offering consumers innovative, high-quality products for 70 years. The company’s products meet modern nutritional needs and help to promote the exceptional benefits of a Greek-Mediterranean diet. DELTA’s product portfolio includes milk, yoghurt, juices, iced tea, dairy and plant-based products, while the company enjoys a leading position in many of the areas where it operates. In line with their values pertaining to environmental protection, supporting society and practicing sound governance, the company offers added value to all interested parties and contributes to the nation’s economy and well-being. DELTA is a subsidiary of the Vivartia Group.