DELTA’s priority on balanced nutrition wins four awards at the Healthy Diet Awards

DELTA’s priority on balanced nutrition wins four awards at the Healthy Diet Awards

For the second consecutive year, DELTA was awarded at the Healthy Diet Awards for its innovative products, which promote a balanced and healthy nutrition.

In particular, DELTA won:

A Gold Award in the “Healthy Dairy Products for Children” category for its infant organic DELTA Advance Bio range. DELTA Advance Bio is the only white organic yoghurt for infants of 6+ months, and is made from 100% Greek organic DELTA milk, from selected farms. It’s available in two delicious variants–Rice-Flour and Apple-Pear-Grape–which babies love! Both contain all-natural ingredients and no added sugar.

A Silver Award in the “Cold Beverages” category for the DELTA Life Tsai range. Life Tsai was reintroduced to consumers in 2020, in a new, modern bottle which helps to emphasize the brand’s uniqueness, and in three innovative series–World Recipes, Super Herbal and Half & Half–which became instantly popular.

A Bronze Award in the “Free From or Low” Food Products” category, for its DELTA Vitaline Go Protein. Vitaline Go Protein is a new series of products for those who are seeking healthy offerings without sacrificing flavour and enjoyment. It’s an ideal, all-day snack combining the full flavour of strained yoghurt with 0% fat and 15g of protein in every cup. It comes in three great flavors–Peach, Cocoa Nibs & Vanilla, Cranberry-Raspberry-Blueberry.

A Bronze Award in the “Plant Based Dairy Products” category for its DELTA Plant-based desserts with yoghurt culture. The development of the Plant-based dessert series addresses the contemporary consumer trend for products that are 100% vegan, without lactose or other dairy ingredients, gluten, etc.

DELTA adheres to its commitment to offering products of premium quality and high nutritional value, which can be enjoyed by families all over Greece. Furthermore, DELTA’s products offer added value to consumers, the society, and the environment. For its innovative products and responsible operation practices, DELTA won 30 awards in 2020 alone, including that of Top Food Supplier.