DELTA supports Theodoros Iakovidis on his way to the 2024 Paris Olympics

DELTA is both happy and proud to announce its new cooperation with weightlifting champion Theodoros Iakovidis – a corporate decision that involves the support of the athlete for the entire duration of his preparation for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

“From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank which recognised my effort and decided to support my preparation all the way to the Paris Olympics. I’m grateful that the company is giving me the opportunity to continue doing what I love. The love that I’ve been receiving from everybody these days, together with the support of an important Greek company such as DELTA, help me bring out the beast in me and do my best to get to Paris. This time, we’ll do it together”, said the Greek champion.

Staying true to its commitment, DELTA supports athletes that promote Olympic ideals and become a source of pride for the nation. For over 70 years, the Greek dairy company has been an intrinsic part of Greek society and has taken upon itself to help young people realise their dreams, making their country proud in the process. This sense of responsibility extends to promoting these ideals to the following generations.

DELTA is proud to support Theodoros Iakovidis for the duration of his preparation for the 2024 Olympic Games and wishes him the best of luck in this admittedly difficult goal.

DELTA continues to support athletes who participate in the Olympic and Para-Olympic Games; an example of the former is their long collaboration with Lefteris Petrounias – a collaboration which was strengthened during his preparation for the Tokyo Olympics.