DELTA’s CSR program “Talking to children about Food Waste” was awarded at the 2020 Corporate Affairs Excellence Awards.

DELTA’s initiatives focusing on raising awareness amongst children on issues such as food waste, recycling and protecting the environment, were awarded at the 2020 Corporate Affairs Excellence Awards (CAEA). The CAEA are the only institutional Communications and Public Affairs awards in Greece, and are part of the Hellenic Management Association Corporate Affairs Section’s actions.

This award was in the Program Excellence/CSR Actions category and pertains to the company’s program being implemented by specialized DELTA Information Centre Consultants at kindergartens and daycare centres. Through an interactive game titled “A trip to Foodland”, children aged 4-6 learn how to purchase and store food, prepare meals based on their family needs, store unconsumed food, and recycle. They also are made aware of the support available for people who are facing food insecurity. The fairy tale also helps to promote important values, such as family ties and brotherly love.

The award also serves as recognition of DELTA’s strategy to reduce food waste, as well as DELTA’s long and successful collaboration with the PRC Group – TheManagement House.

In addition to “A trip to Foodland”, DELTA and PRC have created and are implementing another interactive fairy tale for children, titled “A trip to Morningland”, about the nutritional benefits of breakfast.

This distinction carries significant added value, given that participation at this year’s CAEA broke a new record, with 133 submissions in 13 categories. It was also the first time that it was organized with the collaboration of Deloitte—a fact that further enhances CAEA’s prestige.