GAIA actions 2012

Fall 2012 – DELTA’s GAIA Action Plan commences with six education seminars

In order to meet the goals set by the GAIA Action Plan–namely the best utilisation of Greek soil and the production of protein-rich animal feed–DELTA organized six education seminars in Ilia, Serres, Imathia, Florina, Xanthi and Larisa.

These seminars took place at the beginning of the fall agricultural season in order to provide timely information on cultivation practices of fodder plants and their utilisation for cow feed. The seminars were attended by a large number of producers who are also DELTA collaborators.

Speakers included university professors, agriculturalists and veterinarians who are active in primary production, along with producers whose knowledge and expertise have established them as leaders in their areas.

Through these seminars we:

  • Create hands-on technical know-how in the cultivation of traditional domestic fodder plants, such as vetch, forage peas, beans, in coculture with cereals such as oats and barley.
  • We show how mixed crops can be used effectively for cow feed rations.
  • We inform producers about new, more economical feeding options, without the problems that are usually associated with soya.
  • We create demand which will hep to increase production, thereby creating future opportunities.
  • We set the stage for sustainable development in the agricultural and animal farming sectors.