DELTA participates in the “Coalition for the reduction of Food Waste”.

DELTA participate in the “Coalition for the reduction of Food Waste”, while their action “Talking to children about Food Waste” wins the gold award at The Environmental Awards.

With an eye towards the future and with sustainable development as their main goal, DELTA join the government, the market and society in a coordinated effort to reduce food waste. The company’s decision to participate in this endeavour is a culmination of their many actions taken over the years to reduce food waste.

DELTA believe that educating and raising awareness on this subject amongst the young population is extremely important. To that end, since 2018, the company has been implementing a program in the form of a fairy tale titled “A trip to Foodland”. Consulting experts from DELTA’s Information Centre visit kindergartens and daycare centres, and talk to children aged 4-6 on proper food purchasing and storing practices, as well as ways to reduce food waste and protect the environment.

This program recently won the gold award at the 2020 Environmental Awards in the Resource Sustainability category. DELTA has also been awarded at the Responsible Business Awards 2020 and Corporate Affairs Excellence Awards 2020, in the CSR category.  These wins are a recognition of DELTA’s long and successful collaboration with PRC Group-The Management House for their Information Centre.

A few words on the Coalition to reduce Food Waste:

The coalition is under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, with the goal to develop synergies between public authorities, professional entities, food and foodservice industries throughout the supply chain, Civil Society organisations, and academic and research bodies. One of the Coalition’s main priorities is to raise awareness and inform the public on the extent and impact of food waste, as well as to showcase best practices and implement actions that reduce food waste in Greece.