For the 4th consecutive year, DELTA announces 26 scholarships for new animal farmers

For the 4th consecutive year, DELTA offers scholarships to 26 new animal farmers through the “American Farm School” in Thessaloniki. The scholarships are part of the “GAIA” Action Plan which DELTA has been implementing since 2012. The plan supports the sustainable development of animal farming in Greece and underscores the company’s strategy of supporting and encouraging new generations.

The education programme’s main goal is the optimization of livestock management by the animal farmers who collaborate with DELTA. This will lead to increased production at a lower cost and will ensure the animals’ health and well-being–all of which will result in providing consumers with high-quality milk.

Since the beginning of the programme in 2017, 64 candidates have successfully completed their training, which included professional and hand-on seminars at the American Farm School’s extensive facilities. All candidates gained valuable experience, which they can apply to their own family operations, since all were siblings of existing DELTA animal farming partners. As a new generation of animal farmers take over the family business sustainability improves and yet another generation looks forward to joining the family business. One of last year’s candidates, Vasilis Michailidis, from Agrapidia, Amyntaio, Florina, noted: “the seminars helped us to get a clearer picture of our own operation and how to improve it.  There were things we just weren’t aware of. Our performance will certainly improve, and this will also strengthen our relationship with DELTA, as we consider ourselves to be part of the company”.

For 2020, DELTA announces 13 scholarships which will take place in Gastouni, Ilia, and a further 13 which will take place in Aridea, Pella. These areas were chosen as they are currently facing many challenges and local farmers live far from education centres. The “American Farm School”, an independent, non-profit educational organization acts as an educational entity and ensures that classroom theory is closely followed by hands-on practice.