MILKO “Makes it Real” once again. This time, by renovating two sports facilities in Thessaloniki.

Following the renovation of two basketball courts in the areas of Ag. Varvara (2020) and Zografou (2021), DELTA continue to show their support of sports by creating two new sports facilities in Thessaloniki. As part of the MILKO Hood Makeover campaign titled “Do it for your neighborhood”, the company renovates a basketball court and a park dedicated to calisthenics, featuring outdoor exercise equipment, in the municipality of Kordelios Evosmos.

As a result, what used to be an abandoned area in town, has now become a modern, user-friendly sports facility. The plan for this spectacular renovation originated from a contest organized by MILKO, which offered participants a chance to vote for a sports facility in their neighborhood. Both the new basketball court and the calisthenics park feature impressive designs by famous graffiti artist Same84.The designs are inspired by MILKO’s campaign taglines “Keep your head high” and “Make it real”, symbolizing energy, strength and faith.

Basketball court renovation

Ανακατασκευή γηπέδου μπάσκετ

Stay tuned, as dreams never end and MILKO is here to make them real.