DELTA, in cooperation with the Prolepsis Institute, covers the needs in milk and yoghurt of 5,386 children

DELTA quickly responded to the general call by the Prolepsis Institute, to cover the needs in milk and yoghurt for all schools under the “DIATROFI” program. More specifically, the company ensured the supply of milk and yoghurt until the end of the school year for 5,386 students on “DIATROFI”, the Food Aid and Promotion of Healthy Nutrition Program, which is implemented across socially vulnerable areas in the regions of Attica, Central Greece, Macedonia and Thrace.

DELTA’s offering also ensured that all students within the program would receive one extra dairy product. Four packages of either milk or yoghurt will be delivered to the schools each week—fresh milk in 500ml packs and yoghurt in 200ml packs, twice a week. The meals offered by the Prolepsis Institute also include sandwiches (egg, chicken or vegetables) or a wholewheat pastry product (chicken pie, leek pie, spinach pie), plus fresh fruit.

The first DELTA packages arrived on Wednesday, March 30th. A total of 94,788 fresh milk packs and 94,788 yoghurt packs will be delivered.

Dairy products are the basic source of calcium for our body and are especially important for preteens and teenagers, as they help in proper bone formation. According to the National Nutritional Guide for infants, children and teens, the recommended daily dairy allowance is 2 – 3 portions for young children and can reach 4 portions for teenagers. The “DIATROFI” Program ensures that students receive white milk, yoghurt and/or cheese almost daily, which cover more than 50% of their daily calcium requirement. This percentage is even higher amongst younger ages.

“In a particularly difficult period for every family-and especially those with greater needs-DELTA shared our anguish and met our request in ensuring that all children under the DIATROFI Program receive the nutrition they need. DELTA and the Prolepsis Institute share common values and have the same concern: to continue providing this invaluable good to as many children as possible. We’re particularly grateful for-and very touched by-their support”, noted Athina Linou, Professor of Epidemiology and President of the Prolepsis Institute.

“For DELTA, ensuring the proper nutrition of children in need is a top priority. This year, the company celebrates 70 years of continual support to Greek society in general, and families in particular. Our goal is to provide all children in need with the nutritional goods that are necessary for their proper development. It is our pleasure to meet the Prolepsis Institute on the same path once again” said Maria Vokou, DELTA’s Marketing Director.”


Regarding the DIATROFI Program (

The Program has been implemented by the Prolepsis Institute since 2012, and has provided more than 16,6 million free, healthy meals to 728 schools and  approximately 112,700 students in socially vulnerable areas across the country. It’s financed by the Region of Central Greece-with AB Vassilopoulos being a Gold Donour-and also enjoys the valuable support of businesses and private individuals from Greece and abroad, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.